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Léo Dieleman is a French illustrator from Paris with a deep love of colors. He studied Interior Architecture and Spatial Design at Penninghen, Jazz and contemporary music at IMEP Paris College of Music, Art Direction and Graphic Design at Académie Charpentier and Comics & Illustration at Cesan.

He finds his inspiration in Street Artists, Painters, Architecture, Photography, Comics, old Japanese Prints, Retro Gaming, Pixar & Ghibli movies, and many more. His work mixes concepts, alternates between the association of vivid colors and black line and blends reality with fiction. Expressing himself through his work has become a necessity, putting on paper abstract situations and ideas.

Léo presently works on creating album artworks for bands, painting on canvas, inventing illustrations and customizing objects. He often draws outside, statues in museums, people in the subway and the teeming life on the street in general.